Tips and Tricks for Ludo King

Based on the ever-popular Ludo board game, Ludo King offers players the opportunity to play with people from all around the world, anytime and anywhere. Given how popular this mobile game has become, now is the perfect time to get into playing it.

It’s a race toward the end where only the smartest and luckiest player gets to claim the crown. So with the stakes so high, here are some of the best tips you’ll find to make claiming that crown all the more easier! If you play chess, check out our previous article explaining some tips on getting better at Chess.

Ludo King

1. Know the rules

Of course, the first and most obvious thing everyone will need to know if they want a shot at winning would be to fully know the rules. They are quite simple though, so to give you a quick run-through, the rules are as follows:

  • Before the game, each player will throw the dice and whoever scores the highest number gets to go first.
  • Continuing in a clockwise rotation, players will throw the dice and move their piece within their colored square clockwise corresponding to the number shown on the dice.
  • If the player rolls a 6, this means that they can move their dice outside of their square and take another turn.
  • If during their move, they fall on a piece of a different color, that color must go back to their own square. And if they fall on a piece with the same color as theirs, the two will form a “block” that no other color can pass through.
  • To win, a player must have moved all their pieces to the home triangle.

While these are the basic rules, there is a plethora of strategies and even variants out there that change the player’s gaming experience.

Another thing that comes from knowing the rules is that you can make your own strategies and plan accordingly. You could decide early on which pieces you want to move, or how you want to do it. Because you have this base knowledge, it makes planning ahead way easier.

2. Think ahead

Following the first point, always make it a point to think ahead of your opponents and have specific plans in mind for when something happens. It never hurts to be prepared.

Contrary to popular belief, this game isn’t just based on luck--it’s also one of strategy and quick thinking. It’s best to move your pieces and space them out evenly across the board. This will allow you to have the freedom to move them around as you please once the game progresses. Much like in chess, you’d want all of your important pieces to be free since it’ll give you more flexibility to plan your next move.

3. Use your space wisely

In this game, there are two spaces you need to be watching out for: yours and your opponent’s. As mentioned before, it’s best to get all of your pieces out as soon as possible to give you more leeway in planning for your next step. But there’s another reason for this. Using your space wisely will greatly decrease the chances at which you’ll be killed by your opponent and won’t make you an easy target. In addition, once you’ve already spaced out your pieces, be sure to move each of them about regularly since this will open up more doors for strategy as the game goes on.

4. Don’t always go for the kill

Ludo is much like chess in many ways, and another prime example of this is to attack your opponents wisely. Oftentimes, when people see an opportunity to attack and take that piece, they’ll take it. They’ll jump on any opportunity they can get. However, if you don’t plan these attacks, they may just backfire on you.

Instead, you must choose your battles wisely and think two steps ahead. Before going for the kill, ask yourself, “After I do this, what’ll happen next?” Nevertheless, killing your opponents can be very beneficial to your road to victory so it’s best to keep things in balance and learn to read the board. You never know, they might just harbor some resentment and attack you back for killing their piece.

5. Learn the art of observation

One of the most important things that you must know is the art of observation. All tips leading to this one rely on observation and knowing your opponent. In this game, you have to be aware of everything, not just your pieces.

Try looking at all your opponents and the moves they’ve been making. Are there particular patterns? Do you notice them moving their pieces a certain way? Are they focused on attacking a specific player? All of these questions, and more, are very important to take note of when playing this game.

When you learn to observe, you get to predict how your opponents will move and how they’ll act which, in turn, will help you determine how to proceed. This also falls in line with the previous point. Before going for the kill, find out first if all your pieces are safe and if there are no chances that they could attack you afterward.

6. Invest in all your pieces

A tip that’s been mentioned here multiple times is to space out your pieces. But it doesn’t end there. Aside from ensuring that all of your pieces are in optimal positions, you also have to move them accordingly. Don’t just move them out and call it a day, and definitely don’t just focus on a singular piece.

Your pieces have to progress with the game. This will allow you to make better decisions in the future and attack more pieces.

7. Patience

Last is being patient. This isn’t a game that you can rush through, that is unless you’re hell-bent on losing. It’s important to remember that things take time. If the game hasn’t been going your way for a while, don’t lose hope and keep sticking to your guns because you never know, a miracle might just happen towards the end. After all, this is a game of strategy AND luck, little bit similar to playing word games but your vocabulary skills are not relevant here.

Sometimes, the strategies we think of need time before they can fully bloom. This is why patience is a very important virtue to have to win this game.

In a game as exciting as Ludo King, many people are striving for that scrumptious win. Besides, who doesn’t like winning? But it’s a given that not all our battles will be won, and not all games will be victorious. However, by utilizing the right tips and tricks, your chances of attaining victory fare far better than doing without.

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Published on 24 Sep 2023
Author: Marinel