7 Tips For Solving Word Cookies Puzzles

Learn some helpful tips and tricks to find the word cookies answers.

Word Cookies

To help you in your Word Cookies play, here’s a list of some neat tips and tricks you can apply the next time you find yourself struggling to finish a level.

1. Don’t hesitate to use the shuffle button

Sometimes people get so caught up in trying to come up with what the next word will be that they completely forget about the options available. One such option is the shuffle button. While pressing shuffle may not necessarily give you the answer outright, it helps refresh your memory and allows you to see the letters in a new light.

Sometimes, seeing them in a particular order for too long will make you believe that you’ve found all possible combinations. By shuffling them once in a while, the letters might arrange themselves in just the right way that’ll make you see even more possibilities. Now go press that shuffle button to your heart’s content!

2. Take advantage of the events and coins

In a game like this, you may not find that much use in collecting coins. After all, all the fun game themes are available for free. But those coins may come in handy when you find yourself in dire need of hints.

As you start the game, you’re given a limited number of hints for free, and that’s up to you whether or not you’ll want to make use of them. Still, with almost 2,000 levels available for play, those precious hints will run out soon enough. Nothing’s worse than being stuck on the more difficult levels of the game, only to find out you’ve used up all your other options.

Luckily, the game allows you to purchase these hints using coins that can be earned within the game. Every chance you get at earning those extra coins, grab ‘em! It’s better to have some coins saved up just in case than needing a hint and not having enough to buy some.

Word Cookies also creates fun events from time to time that give you extra coins for every one you complete. Keep in mind though that some of these events have special instructions, time limits, or even different gameplay, so be sure to keep an eye out for those.

3. Hints are merely guides, not solutions

Now that we’ve got to talking about saving up coins for those precious hints, it’s safe to say that you have to use these hints sparingly. Hints are there merely to guide you in finding the right answer for Word Cookies, not solve it for you. Besides, where’s the fun in just pressing the hint button until the puzzle solves itself?

As you play the game, you’ll see that there are two different types of hints: reveal a random letter, or reveal the position of a letter you chose. These could be useful in a pinch where you just need that extra boost to finally get that word.

As mentioned before, once you use up all your free hints, they cost in-game money if you’d like to avail more, so make sure to use them wisely.

4. Take note of all combinations you’ve tried

If you’re stuck on a level, then most likely, the word you’re missing is one you don’t know of. One good way to eliminate all possibilities is to take note of all the combinations you’ve already tried and single out the ones you haven’t yet.

It’s always a good idea to keep a notepad with you so you could jot down notes as you go along the way. This will also allow you to avoid wasting time entering combinations that you’ve already used before.

5. Use every single combination possible

On that note, when worst comes to worst, just use every single combination possible. It’s a surefire way to get that one last word you’re missing, maybe even more.

How it goes is like this: say you have the letters O, E, M, and H. First, start with any letter you want, then use that as the first letter in the word until you’ve tried all possible combinations.



By using a pattern to try every combination, sooner or later, you’ll find the word you’re looking for. One downside though is that the more letters you have, the more tedious it becomes. But hey, at least you have a pattern to follow and not blindly entering the battlefield!

6. Use solving techniques

Believe it or not, there are actually techniques that could be used to solve a set of jumbled words. Employing these techniques while clearing a certain level could help you immensely since it allows you to have a few tactics in mind.

The first technique would be to pinpoint possible letter combinations from the get-go. You may notice that in some words, certain vowels and consonants are always paired together. Pairs such as ch, th, sh, ng, ee, wh, and more, can usually be seen in words.

Another would be to familiarize yourself with letters commonly seen at the start of the word or the end. In doing so, you could start with eliminating all words which follow that pattern. Some letters often seen at the beginning of a word are t, a, o, d, and w, while letters usually seen towards the end of the word are e, s, d, and t.

You can find more word lists here.

7. Take a breather

Lastly, if you find yourself truly struggling to find more words, then perhaps you’re too overwhelmed and stressed. Exiting the game, or even closing your device altogether, will help you relax and destress.

Sometimes what you need is a fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective. Allowing yourself to take a breather will “reset” your mind and make you see new combinations you probably never saw during the heat of your concentration.

While word games aim to help you relax and unwind, there are times when people get too caught up in the moment and end up frustrated. Having some tips and tricks at the ready will surely ease your headaches when it comes to tackling the harder levels.

So don’t let the cute and cozy facade of Word Cookies fool you! Because with 2,000 levels available (and more to come), you’re sure to encounter some bumpy roads along the way.

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Published on 26 Apr 2023
Author: Marinel